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Customer Testimonials

Great Service and Great Tax Advice
“I have used FBC since 2007, both Calgary and Grande Prairie’s offices and have always gotten great service and great tax advice.”
We Love FBC
“We love FBC. Nate is the best accountant we have ever had.”
First and Second Generation FBC Members
“We’ve had a good time with them and our daughter and son-in-law are with FBC now.”
Good Value. Professional Job.
“FBC has done a very professional job. Good value for the work that they do for us.”
FBC will come to the site and meet me anywhere.
“FBC has been very good. They’ll come to the job site or meet me anywhere.”
FBC Financial & Estate Planning Are Caring and Knowledgeable
“With confidence we would highly recommend the staff at FBC Financial & Estate Planning for their caring and knowledgeable approach to assisting farm families with succession planning and ensuring we treat all of our children in a reasonably equitable manner.”
FBC’s Staff Always Help Me Out
“I like the fact that I can call the London office and the helpful staff like Andrea and Colin always help me out.”
Enjoy Peace of Mind with FBC
“Being with FBC for 20 years I enjoy peace of mind from the service and knowledge provided by the local tax consultants.”
Impressed with FBC’s Knowledge of CRA Requirements
“My initial concerns with FBC were whether they had the expertise to deal with farms and complicated tax returns. That was 47 years ago. I continue to enjoy the time savings of them coming to me. I’m impressed with their knowledge of CRA requirements and the sense of security I feel being with FBC.”
FBC Saved Me a Lot of Money
“I had a particular problem with my GST which FBC cleared up and saved me a lot money. I would recommend them. I find that we are too busy doing sales to be doing things like taxes, they are important and you need to have somebody doing it. Good company, I definitely recommend them.”
FBC is a Good Investment
“I don’t have any worries when FBC does my income taxes. It’s a good investment and I like that someone comes to the farm to collect my tax information. Thank you for your service for the past 48 years.”
FBC Provides Quality, Trusted Service
“I like that FBC makes house calls. The staff provides quality, trusted service.”
FBC Very Responsive and Truly Professional to Work With
“Our family has used FBC for many years and we have always received reliable, accurate and friendly service. An issue with CRA this last year relating to an error they made was a very frustrating one, yet FBC followed up numerous times until the corrections were made and our accounts were brought up to date. A pleasure to work with!”
FBC Means Secure and Friendly Service
“I’ve been a Member with FBC since 1962. Initially we were worried about the price, but the representative was very informative and reassuring. We like the home visits and that they’re only a phone call away. To me FBC means secure and friendly service. They provide excellent service with a smile and our questions are always answered. We would recommend FBC to other farmers and business owners.”
Would Recommend FBC to Any Farm or Business Owner
“We’ve been with FBC for 4 years and have had wonderful success with them and I’d recommend them to anybody.”
FBC Ensures Our Company is Running as Efficiently as Possible
“FBC has helped to ensure our company is running as efficiently as possible. The FBC team is very approachable; we feel confident in relying on FBC to assist with making important business decisions to better improve our company. They take the time to understand what is important to us, and make a point to ensure we understand their advice and suggestions. We also very much appreciate how the FBC team makes themselves available to meet where works for us. Thanks FBC!”
Very Confident in FBC
“I’ve been with FBC for the last 3 years and I’m very confident with their accounting abilities. My income tax return is done properly. I have had no issues with them. I feel that my return is coming back the way that it should be. Very professional, and I highly recommend that if you’re thinking of switching firms that these guys are the way to go. Just can’t say enough about them, and I’m very happy that finally somebody is working for me.”
Very Happy With FBC
“Just switched to FBC last year after I got a bad report from our last accountant from the bank. So far so good, I am very happy with it. I’m a travelling salesman and I do a few other things, I’ve got a farm on the go. So far so good! Things are looking promising for the next couple years.”
Using FBC for a number of years
“We have a farm and a business and we’ve been using FBC for a number of years now. It’s really good because you have the same accountant all the time, you can pass ideas through them. My accountants name is Matt and they are very professional, reliable, quick. It’s way better than doing it yourself. I highly recommend them.”
FBC Is Pretty Cheap
“I admit when I first became an FBC Member, I thought it was expensive. But after a CRA audit, it was pretty cheap. The day the CRA auditor arrived at my place of business, a tax specialist from FBC had not only prepared me for what to expect, but also attended the meeting.”
FBC is 100% Professional
“I’ve been in business for 9 years and this is the first time I’ve felt confident in my return knowing it’s right, it’s guaranteed and everyone I’ve spoken to has been 100% professional and perfect to deal with. If you’re thinking of switching accounting firms, FBC is how I would go.”
CRA is not always right
“A big thank you for looking after my reassessment from CRA, I guess they’re NOT always right.”
FBC helps us through anything that comes
“FBC helped file my farm risk management application – we received a payment of $221,000. We’re reassured by the fact that FBC will help our family through anything that comes.  ”
I like that FBC comes to my house
“I like that you come to the house, it’s very convenient. I also like that you found HST in my gas charges. My Local Tax Consultant has been great, patient and I enjoy working with him.”


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